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tv   BBC World News  PBS  January 10, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> this is bbc world news. funding for this presentation is made possible by -- freeman foundation of new york; stowe, vermont; and honolulu; newman's own foundation, focus features, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to know your business. offering specialized solutions and capital to meet your growth objectives, we offer expertise and tailored solutions for small businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, bbc world news. >> and it is possible that the constitution could be properly
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in march or the first two weeks in march. and most parrots want parliamentary procedures to take part once it is approved. in my last speech, i said elections should be, and in response to demand from the people, the constitution should be linked to the new constitution 10th parties -- so the timetable for the new constitution is it two or thee months. in march. so the new elections should be
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at the beginning of may or the beginning of june. i just wanted to explain this so that now we know we have a deadline. a timetable. >> as far as international immunity, we spoke about the opposition. but what opposition are we talking about? everybody can label themselves as the opposition. who would you present? mr. day would have noming of one. some oppositions current groups. but the opposition should have institutions and take part in elections. we don't have elections at the moment. we don't know their identity. we could have said that this government and this war should
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be fought after the elections. but we would like to speed things up. and then we'll base our judgments on special criteria. not an institutional one. we will not we do not want an opposition that wants an embassy or takes direction from the outside or one that believes that the regime to life has only few days to last. we do not want an opposition that dialogues with us in scre as i so it does not upset their masters. so national figures and opposition, if they are -- so
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we can start to embark on dialogue, and they can -- they can call new government whatever they like, but we will start with this issue in a very short time, but one important question, that's is the next government, is it political or technical? first of all, there is a big sector in the country so every institution relies on a ministry. with a politician, will they be able to lead a technical sector? this is impossible. so the people's problems are not related to the -- that security. so the political government, the province of -- oil, gas, food stuff, this is not realistic. the new government should be
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expanded government, a mixture of politicians and technocrats. we will not lose anything by doing this. i'm just now giving you the headline of the new government. that will change, of course, through dialogue. i was asked a question about dialogue. we started the dialogue in july. we should have started and -- started an expanneded dialogue. certain political parties put pressure, and we achieve a great success. but the dialogue did not bring all aspects of the opposition. then we moved on to our second
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form of dialogue from all cities and government. two months ago i was asked to open central dialogue, and i would like to say as a state, a adds as a boddedy, as an authority, we are ready to start tomorrow. we have no problem, but there is a part in the opposition that is not ready. some are opening or dialoguing with us in scre as i. so that they can hedge their bets on which way things are going. we are waiting for these forces and these groups. but we do not want a show. we are ready to dialogue with the other groups publicly and discuss all this issue that they have mentioned. in dialogue even the arab initiative.
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the dialogue with all forces, included. including the forces that have committed crimes in the 1970's and 190's, we have no problem dialoguing with them, because we provide all the currencies for these titles. we are fully open when we see that everybody is ready to embark on titles and once we realize that everybody has something to bring to this title, we are ready to start. and people ask me about any future changes. normally speaking, i don't talk about these changes until it's necessary. but we are about to embark on changes. we are about to embark on a new
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government, the party congress and part of these changes help parties -- the girl and this should focus on the younger generation, this generation that has been much marked-like in the face of this crisis. as you can see these young people have been successful in -- their nation. [applause] in any case, syria needs all of their -- regardless of their political affiliation. when we talk about the next phase, speaking of this new year, people are talking about new seer yavepl i would like to
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say we have now a new syria. we have a renewable syria. we are embarking on a new phase. we are not talking about a new syria. we should learn the lessons from every faith, in other words, otherwise, what we would say now would be ineffective and irrelevant. so to embark on a new phase should be based on awareness and i would like to give you an answer. for the past 10 months, despite all its suffering, have been very beneficial to syria, because it showed the example of syria as a civilized country that actually provides a lesson to the world. and especially about the state. it gives us a lesson on democracy. so i am very satisfied for the future. but said as long as we try to
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encourage awareness in the country, we will benefit. there is some ignorance still existing in the country that are affecting the general situation in the country. we do not want this to thought development and the congress and to limit the expanded properties from the site. to sum up, i think the reforms are clear. once the constitution is implemented, we will have no halt to the publication and progress and advancement should carry on and through a practice , the practice that will show that we realize our short
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comings. ladies and gentlemen, what is happening in syria is being planned -- it's part of a plan that has been hatched for 10 years. for the past 10 years. it's part of the speaker's plan. if some think that the time of conflict of syria has returned, he is fooling himself. the new syria would 23409 allow them to achieve those struggles and resistance. syria through a military means. but it can be actually by making us look backwards and also ignored our palestinian cause. their objective, which they want to achieve so show
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interstate -- a region of issues, but not shoulder in anything historic. and the responsibility dividing this united people. the hard, syrian, cut-throat aspects. and to have syrian identity is their respective objective. it will not be done by -- but done by a destruction of society. it will bring to us cultural and social organization and actually worried it is the -- of every dependence and future. they will not succeed to destroy our identity. existence is at the forefront of our existence as it has always been throughout our
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history. states review their situation. and their house. and our priority now so recover security that we have called for and that we have been ensured for the case. this will not be achieved through by hitting hard with an ice pick against the terrorists. we were not to be inconvenienced against the opposition. we will not be lenient against those who applaud against the country unless with his people, and the bad will is. it is all of us. it is a national battle that everybody should embark on. the decision is it.
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a strong country is a country that knows how and when to be tolerant. how to bring its sons to the right path. to make the their weapons and come towards the reconstruction of a civil and modern state that protects its heritage. as long as we can take the terror. the trouble is we can also have doubts that have been -- and bring them back to the right path. there are people that have to make mistakes. and they will -- they were told and brain washed that we were pushing them toward crime so they can achieve a state of no return. a good state is the sthate opens the way for it i a good
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state is the state that opens the way. and stop the blood shed. in this aspect, from time to time, we have received a number of prisoners, and some people thought many led to more destruction and crime. but in the tend results were in every city in every town, in every village, we asked people to help their sons to bring them to the right path. therefore, i think seriousness and a strong decision and it's necessary, but showing tolerance from time to time, peacefully, it is necessary that we should continue.
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without any -- going back on this. i would like to explain this, because people did not understand why the thinking behind am insistian people and fighting people. we embark on dialogue and except were the cam plains -- where campaigns. a number of these people when they realize that the matter is going towards arming and killing, they changed their mind and that encorporate rated for various reasons. political or however. some insistn't on their mistakes, and they prefer to remain blinded.
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our people who are affected by intellectual blindness are talking about intellectual blindness, and some of these people really think they are revolutionaries. and rebels. but what have they done? how can we describe them? can you show me a rebel who steals a car orvilleages, a house and can't a rebel be a thief or burglar? a thief. it is audited. it is bright. these people have killed personalities. sold inside state, outside state. can everybody surely be described as a coward? schools from carrying out its
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duties, and the same thing applies for universities. is it true that a rebel would be against education? the libble operation to half of the percentage. and despite all this, we have another army besides the forces and the armed forces. it is the army of the lectures who work in the educational field. basically before the crisis, the school was 85%. these elections, they are putting their lives in dang tore carry out their work. [applause] >> at the end of 2011, the
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number of martyrs from lectures and some of the education sector were 30. the number of them at schools that were burned or completely destroyed was almost 1,000. i would like to salute all those who work in the education sector. he cantures and the states. [applause] is it possible to have a revolution against knowledge and unity? is it possible to find a revolutionary use it -- a visionary label? is it possible to find a revolutionary who actually
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deprived citizens from gas and fuel? and to see the fitness and suffering in the cold and without food? and burning public and private property like factories and make poor has a solution. it is possible the revolutionary may work for the enemy and a traitor and at the same time, order without ethic. i would be the first one to -- outgoing, along with them. [applause] but the main question asked was how and when can this end?
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this is a difficult question, because we cannot give answers without provided evidence. but we know some elements, aspects. first of all, i -- we're finished when the syrian people to turn into a weak and submissive people would forego all our revolutionaries, all our nabblist stance like endured in 1982. the faces of which started the resistance at the time and delivered. when we relinquished the revolution and then went with really gifts of submissions fully or wholly or partially
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about our heights. would relinquish our nationalist stances against the palestinian cause. this is stuff we have since we -- when -- if we decide to be forced witnesses about the massacres that are happening in the country, and i don't know whether the other belief will send out to see if it's a problem, i don't think so. that the issue, it interests only 1.3 billion muslims. just to compare. i would like to say that the syrian people will not submit for different reasons because of the principles for which it was brought, and also for
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examples here giveren to officials and failed policies are not good news, because the situations in those countrys are worse, and what happened in syria. but i would like to sum up this syrian -- we cannot give up syrian dignity. [applause] this is the most cherished thing that the syrian people have. our dignity. it is worth more than their weapons. the second poisht is when will this end? this would end when smuggling of arms stops and smuggling of funds stops. and this is linked to the first one. when we submit, when we give
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up, but what i know is that the conspiracy will stop and will be ended when we have defeated, and the question is when are we going to end this conspiracy? we will end it when we defeat it externally, and internally. and when we defeat the most serious element of this plot, which is terrorism. the other issue is our awareness when we defeat the fear, our overreaction, when we refer back to wisdom and reason to a view of friendship and luckily, this is a general thing, as i said, syria is undoubtedly a very strong country, but strength is
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non-ending. a strong person his immunity declines. force is not an internal thing, but death and collapse is not inevitable. this immunity would be weakened when there is chaos and when chaos hits libya, our -- was weakened. anybody who participated in -- now is a partner in terrorism and partner in sharing and spilling syrian blood. we cannot as long as chaos carries on. we should be clear about this. immunity is weakened when national awareness is weakened. i'm not talking about people with good intentions. those are not ones i am worried about. i would like to serious them
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about and external conspiracy and armed, to, he just a fabrication. although seerianism and federalism cannot just hanover night. was it not said it was small to start off with and with the geography they used to inflate such by one person. in effect with people like no and people now know what happened. they took over for some time and we should stand side-by-side when the issue is a national issue, there should not be any differences. if there is, we should sort it out. but when the country is set --
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>> make sense of international news. >> funding was made possible by freeman foundation of new york; stowe, vermont; and honolulu; newman's own foundation; and union bank. >> you are no longer in the service. only an outsider can find the double agent. >> i'll do my utmost. >> from the bestseller by john le carre -- >> all i want from you is one code name. >> it will take a master spy -- >> you are alone. >> you can't mention me. >> to catch a spy. >> you have to assume they're watching you. >> what the hell are you doing up here? >> things aren't always what they seem. >> "tinker tailor soldier spy." >> rated r. >> bbc world news was presented >> bbc world news was presented by kcet, los angeles.
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